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The growing demand for digital in entertainment has accelerated the transformation of television and print media, changing consumer behavior, the advertisers’ approach toward their audiences and how media companies operate.

Media groups in general and publishing in specific are at the center of disruption, forced to reevaluate their own business models to be able to adapt to and to manage the digital revolution.

However, the digitalization and disruptive environment also offer new opportunities to those media and entertainment companies that are willing and capable to change and to develop new creative digital solutions for their audiences and subscribers and the advertisement customers in the industry.

Successful digital transformations result in digital organizations whose strategies, cultures, business models, processes, technologies and product and service offerings offer new, creative digital value for their customers.

Our EIP partners have a proven track record in supporting companies in the media and entertainment industry in interim management and consultant roles:

  • Staffing of immediate critical senior management positions in driving the digital transformation as Chief Digital Officer
  • Development and execution of new digitalstrategies for profitable top line growth based on an end-to-end digital customer journey
  • Stepping in to temporally fill Chief Sales Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Finance Officer roles for operational and hands-on support as interim managers on top management level to execute value creation programs
  • Staffing of immediate critical senior management positions in special and disruptive situations and restructurings as Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Supporting both commercial and operational due diligenceprocessesand access to our extensive industrial network in the media and entertainment industry
  • Supporting acquisitions, post merger integration and divestment processes by providing interim management and constulting resources

Our EIP professionals have a strong track record as interim managers on C-level with leading media, publishing and entertainment companies in successfully managing digital transformations and in executing buy-and-build strategies.

Please contact our EIP partners, Christof Wahl and Michael Hengstmann, for further information or for supporting your media company.

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