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EIP’s supervisory and advisory board members create instant value in crisis situations

In specific in crisis and special situations, supervisory or advisory boards can act as critical and constructive advisors and sparring partners of managing boards.

Supervisory board members have proven to be valuable navigators of many management boards by providing their restructuring and transformation experiences in crisis situations during the COVID-19 pandemic to make the right decisions: how to cope with dramatic and short-term decline of sales, how to deal with the employer’s duty of care for the employees’ health and safety, the management of liquidity gaps and refinancing of debt, the supply chain risk management or managing dramatic increases of prices for raw and indirect materials.

For both, shareholder and executive board members the level of cooperation with supervisory board member having significant restructuring and crisis-management experience has intensified in the current disruptive market environment.

Many of the partners at EIP have a proven track record as experienced chairmen or members of supervisory or advisory boards to act as a strategic sparring partners and sounding board for the executive management board in critical situations. Our EIP partners have served as chairmen or members of supervisory or advisory boards for many family-owned businesses, private equity-owned portfolio companies, publicly listed corporations or start-up companies. In addition, EIP can leverage its extensive network to find the right candidate for your supervisory or advisory board that is a perfect fit for your organization.

The following roles are taken over by our experienced EIP partners as chairmen or members of the supervisory or advisory board:

  • Consultants to the executive board of management to successfully manage crisis situations, implement restructurings and turnarounds, and refinance companies with new debt or/ and equity
  • Bridging the gaps between shareholders and other stakeholders with management
  • Consultants to the executive board of management for providing strategic advice (e.g. strategic review and realignment, international expansion, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, digitalization, cyber security and risk management)
  • Support in the succession planning and solution process on executive board level and executive compensation schemes
  • Advice in introduction and monitoring of rules and regulations (including ESG/ CSR standards, corporate governance rules, StaRUG)
  • Monitoring of the internal control systems, risk management, compliance or internal revision

Please contact our EIP partners, Michael Hengstmann or Harald Meyer, for further information regarding „Board Services“.

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