Bridging vacancies

When failure is not an option

The bridging of short-term vacancies on management board level, caused by restructuring situations, terminations and dismissals, regular illness or unplanned, short-term succession planning, creates a real challenges for companies.

Until a sustainable succession solution has been implemented, the personnel gap in top management can be bridged by a highly qualified and experienced executive interim manager.

In this special situation, Executive Interim Partners is stepping in to temporally provide operational support as interim managers on top management level. The advantages of temporarily bridging vacancies by interim managers include:

  • Immediate availability
  • Ability to be on the job and close the gap within a few day
  • Broad experience in comparable special situations to step-in to bridge vacancies with a short notice
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and provide access to own industry network
  • Interim Managers are ‘hands on’ and will not only advise, but also implement and execute from day one on
  • Interim Managers offer cost effective solutions with flexible, performance-based compensation systems
  • Experience to manage sustainable. Long-term succession solution

We provide highly qqualified and experienced interim executives who are prepared to step into the role of bridging vacancies
of top management positions as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Operation Officer
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer

The interim managers of Executive Interim Partners are considered to be the premium choice for companies in bridging C-level vacancies in special situations –WHEN FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

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Michael Hengstmann

Michael Hengstmann

Managing Partner
Ullrich Weirauch

Ullrich Weirauch

Managing Partner

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